Rolls RoyceOnPower inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Rolls-Royce 501-K industrial gas turbines in the Americas.

Operational Support / Project Installation / Site Testing

OnPower Inc. provides a comprehensive operational support for customers with genuine OEM spare parts and operations and maintenance programs for our gas turbine packages.

Spare Parts

  • Gas Turbine and Generator Package Consumable and Operational Spare Parts

Field Service

  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Service Calls
  • Quarterly and Annual Inspections
    • Borescope Inspections of Gas Turbine Combustion Section and Turbine Section Components

Maintenance Programs

  • Gas Turbine Generator Package Long Term Service Agreement
    • Preventative Maintenance
      • Borescope Inspections of Gas Turbine Combustion Section and Turbine Section Components
    • Preventative maintenance programs help our customers to move from a reactive and time-based maintenance programs to a pro-active and condition-based program.
    • Availability
    • Fuel Analysis and Testing
    • Lube Oil Analysis and Testing
  • Gas Turbine Overhauls
    • Gas Turbine Overhaul includes onsite inspection, field as well as factory repair or replacement of gas turbine components and testing of the overhauled gas turbine. During a major overhaul the gas turbine is completely disassembled, inspected, reassembled and tested at full load, to ensure that original performance is restored. Overhauled, zero-time gas turbine, incorporates the latest in technology improvements to maximize safety and reliability
  • Rental Gas Turbines
  • Exchange Turbines

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Technical Training

  • Operator Training
  • Technician Training

Project Installation and Site Testing

  • Gas Turbine Generator Package Installation Supervision
  • Gas Turbine Generator Package Commissioning and Startup Supervision
  • Gas Turbine Generator Package Site Testing Supervision

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