Rolls RoyceOnPower inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Rolls-Royce 501-K industrial gas turbines in the Americas.

Upgrades and Remanufactured Packages

Upgrades to Existing Customer Packages

  • Control systems - upgrades for outdated and obsolete equipment including PLC, Governor and Fuel Controllers. Add-on HMI and SCADA systems available per customer requirements.
  • Fuel systems - upgrade the hydro-mechanical or electric-hydraulic fuel control system to the OEM approved PLC based fuel controllers. Conversion from third party non-supported proprietary fuel controllers to OEM approved PLC or GT manufacturer proprietary digital control systems. Liquid to gas fuel, Low Btu, Off gas and Dual fuel conversions.
  • Water or Steam diluent injection systems for exhaust gas emissions control and / or power augmentation.
  • Turbine start systems - Chose from VFD Electric, Electric-Hydraulic, Diesel Hydraulic or Pneumatic / Gas start systems.
  • Black Start Systems - Diesel engine generator sized for package black start requirements including auto-transfer switchgear.

Remanufactured gas turbine generator packages are available in the range from 4 MW to 10 MW. All remanufacture gas turbine generator packages that will carry a new equipment warranty of 12 months from first operation or 24 months from shipment.

  • Remanufactured packages include; New OEM turbines or overhauled to a zero time condition.
  • Other major OEM equipment i.e. reduction gears and generators include complete inspections and factory functional testing prior to package final assembly and factory load testing.
  • Fuel systems - Natural gas fuel, liquid fuel or dual fuel systems available with OEM approved PLC based electronic fuel control systems

Remanufactured Rolls-Royce 501KB5 Packages available for immediate sale - PDFProduct specifications available for download (PDF - 28KB)

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